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Nothing adds to backyard living more fabulously than the allure of fire. The mesmerizing snap crackle pop of dancing flames attract gratifying human emotion. It seems the more the dramatic the fireplace is, the more dramatic the outdoor living spaces becomes. Outdoor fire certainly is a mainstay of desire for backyards all across America. Here in New England and across the west Fireplaces are a source of fabulous heat. Sitting in front of the fireplace is a favorite family tradition.
Another asset of fire is the throw of flames from Fire pits, fire walls and fire features.  The convenience of fuel and instant flame brings the “wow” factor into backyard fabulous. With all kinds of Fire features, shapes and configurations, its no wonder picking out the perfect fire feature can be a daunting task.
Secondary to fireplaces and fire pits,The trending of fire features design well in the outdoor living arena. Fire bowls and torches create spa like oasis of atmosphere right in your own backyard.
These types of add ons in the landscape add conversation to the outdoor living space. With just the right amount of night lighting and fire features in place, one can begin to feel the rewarding lifestyle of outdoor Fabulous.
Outdoor dining and entertaining companions are heated torches, fire pyramids and fire heaters.
These mobil units help create the right mood and temperature for outdoor dining. They simply work well and look amazing in the outdoor living space. It is also believed that fire elements keep the bugs and critters away.
Outdoor living manufacturers continue to raise the bar or should I say the flame as their popularity emerges into the backyard space of America. Choose UL approved appliances and follow the manufacturers recommendation on installation. Also check with your town official for any such permit necessary. Many sources have pre built kits ready to go. Many kits are facade ready to put your own brick, stone or stucco to match the existing project. These fire features are gaining on popularity as center piece tables and pool patio accents.
Fire features allow you to get creative and mixing and matching these fire features are certainly welcomed in any backyard.


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