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Life under the hood of the GRILL is simply delicious.
The taste of summer backyard bbq's fill the air everywhere. Nothing is simpler and tastier than good food over flames. However that word simpler has become blurred into OUTDOOR FOOD FABULOUS. There are so many choices of outdoor heat sources, one must really decide upon their own personal agenda, outdoor kitchen and dining intent to help aide in the direction of filtering through all these fantastic outdoor cooking appliances.
Not only has the grill improved and options become more sophisticated, it literally departmentalized itself into an arena of basic charcoal grills, stand alone grills, multi tasking burners, high end luxury grills and even a smart grill.  All have a place and contribute to what America is trending about today- “outdoor food fabulous.”
However, Its not whats under the hood of the grill that makes outdoor living fabulous. Too many outdoor living decisions are based upon the sale of the grill and the opinion of the appliance or hardware salesman.  A second thought is not to make a decision based on your cooking ability. We all dream of being that “ famous family chef” everyone speaks of. Well, this is your opportunity to shine. Within an arms reach through the internet one could follow their favorite chef’s blog, read summer time media magazines or simply google best outdoor recipes for firing up the grill. Plenty can be said about burgers, chicken, ribs and steak. Whats even more intriguing is people seeking choices in which eating healthy can be shared outdoors.
Heat sources that compliment the flame throwing grill enable skewers, seafood and vegetables to be prepared outdoors. These cast iron flat top grills are purely an indoor delight now available outdoors.
Power burners can help prepare pots of boiling water for lobsters and pasta sauces. Power burner options such as the wok prepare steamed fried vegetables and alfredo dishes.
Recently introduced outdoors is various versions of the pizza oven. Wood fired pizza ovens can stand alone or inserted along side wood burning fireplaces. Gas fired pizza oven appliances can make pizza, bread and even chocolate chip cookies. Professional and commercial cookery outfits have introduced residential versions of proven restaurant equipment for the homeowner to include in their preppy Outdoor kitchens. Virtually anything cooked and prepared indoors can now be had outdoors. Thats Outdoor food fabulous.
The host of the party does not necessarily have to be the chef of the party. With multi heat sources and numerous outdoor cooking stations outdoor dining has become a rewarding lifestyle within friends and family putting in a helping hand with food preparation. Its a great time to share life’s moments together while preparing to dine outdoors. All this happens  successfully outdoors away from the homeowner’s indoor personal kitchen.  So with this in mind, the more appliances the better. The more prepared you are the easier the task at hand. The larger the gathering and cooking area the more interested parties become involved and feel free to gather together comfortably.  These are the thoughts in mind of an outdoor kitchen designer. A professional who can better visualize how this all works for many of the different perspectives of cooking, cleaning, dining and entertaining outdoors.
A great outdoor kitchen layout housing proven outdoor appliances is a sound investment monetarily and rewarding investment socially.


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