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An Outdoor Covered Kitchen welcomes friends and guests to feel entirely at home outside the home.

Outdoor Covered Kitchens extend the duration of outdoor use nearly five fold here in New England. The outdoor covered Kitchen can also function from sun up to late evenings all 10 1/2 months out of the year. The Covered outdoor kitchen structure can be an extension off the house using the same engineered roof lines and slant of the existing main house. This is usually best fit aesthetically and functionally as it is closely connected to the mainstay of the house. Living beyond the walls of your home outdoors flows best with an Outdoor covered kitchen within arms reach of the back door.

The Outdoor covered Kitchen has its advantages when considering heat, fans and lite placement in the ceiling, rafters and overhang of the underneath of the ceiling of the outdoor covered Kitchen.

Typical building materials such as brick, stone, stucco exterior and capping off with existing shingles similar to the existing house, architectural elements and details to match the existing house seem to be the most popular and common. However, We are seeing more and more of the Outdoor covered Kitchen to carry on its own personality. Best stated the persona of the family. Our secret to success in designing and building Covered Outdoor Kitchens is to understand each and every family member's lifestyle indoors and portray some of that comfort level outdoors.

The first element in an Outdoor covered Kitchen is to provide ample heat. Heat sources come in a couple different manners. Radiant heat and direct heat. Keep in mind your outdoor lighting design and some of these heat sources throw off fireball glares which detract from the ambience.

Fans provide cooling affects However when in reverse mode they swirl the rising warmer air downward to guest levels. Do not turn fans on to faster speeds or the air cools rather quickly. Light fixtures can be placed in a more natural and optimal position as they can be strategically placed in the ceiling above to illuminate areas calling for more direct light. The lighting of the outdoor covered kitchen should function similarly to the lighting set up in the main kitchen with light sources and fixture types to handle ambience, dinner preparation, feeding and cooking zones, entertaining and night time fabulous scenes.


The outdoor covered kitchen has become the hottest trend in Outdoor living and when designed professionally it will be a sure success celebrating a higher quality of life with friends and family. Whether the outdoor dining intent, the covered outdoor kitchen will certainly become the mainstay trend of outdoor living. Fully equipped the outdoor covered kitchen can fulfill the need whether it's celebrating with friends and family or entertaining guests with larger catered gatherings.

The outdoor covered kitchen has some challenges to over come in the design however these issues do not hold a candle to the endless hours spent outdoors.

Some of these concerns are how to handle the cooking exhaust. Lost day light coming into the back of the house originally through the windows. Possible viewing differences from the second floor livable space and bed rooms. Sky lights and correct understanding of the placement and roof slant can diminish these to a better understanding of the weigh off for what the Outdoor kitchen covering does provide.

Many times the outdoor Covered kitchen holds for a better design layout and conversation area which makes food preparation and presentation a joint venture for both guest and homeowners. The outdoor covered kitchen makes up space for the need for a larger main kitchen, Lots of seasonal time spent outdoors cooking. A professional and complete Outdoor covered kitchen may just be the best room outside the House.

The activity around the indoor kitchen is the central hub of lifestyle indoors. The same can be had for the outdoor covered Kitchen as it connects outdoor living and elevates lifestyles when friends and family can share favorite menus and feel entirely at home outside the home.

Many times the Outdoor covered kitchen holds a destination and keeps guests and traffic flow from just coming inside into the personal space of the homeowners own kitchen.

Plan well and be organized outside it makes for a better time spent Outdoors indulging with family and conversation rather than working at it.

Designing and building a fabulous outdoor Kitchen will certainly elevate the quality of lifestyle spent outdoors with friends and family.

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