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Lights, camera, action and sound outback in your own yard. What a fabulous way to share life's most memorable calendar moments with friends and family. Outdoor living has become a plethora of outdoor luxury and often clients like to know more about sound and how they too can turn up the volume resort like. What an added value driven improvement to add a few surround speakers and link them to your bluetooth to be picked up by your song list on your iphone. Laying out by the pool and listening to your favorite songs will put you in a great mood. The design build process of outdoor living should offer more music or atleast the ability to add music at a future date. 

Hi tech break throughs have made accessibility to automation, video and audio more probable and affordable than one would think. It is a great sound investment and as ling as you are not trying to automate everything under the sun it will make everyone in the household very happy. For the younger generation sound and music is definitely a priority. I can remember going to a Long Island site visit to add outdoor lighting and they had a tropical backyard not big at all but the most interesting landscape and tropical plants that would illuminate better than resort like. As I began my work and intake of the property the homeowner turned on his sound system to play jungle like sounds and omg is was the most unbelievable thing I took in. I so could see myself by the pool zoning out into the sounds of nature. What a way to take in some time at home and in good hands of the hands of the jungle. But yes sound does touch upon your senses and reaches your soul opening your mindset to see your back yard in a different point of view. 


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