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If there is one thing in someone's backyard that speaks volumes for itself in a resort kinda way it fire torches. The lit fires at an elevated height sporadically placed throughout the backyard turns your once backyard into the coolest backyard ever. To create such ambiance safely and securely one must have UL listed fixtures that can be mounted on light pole risers and installed in the ground via concrete to keep the pole intact. A fuel line must be equalized and brought out to each fire torch. The torch manufacturer I like to use is the Tempest Torch. The Tempest Torch's tempered glass housing design directs the oxygen needed for combustion, increasing the flame velocity for a dramatic, spiral-like presentation of fire. Beyond its groundbreaking design, the Tempest Torch's practicality and usability are just as impressive. The variable flame reaches a height of 17", puts out up to 20,000 BTUs and is available in electronic ignition.

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