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Travertine pavers are fantastic for pools, patios and courtyards because of the natural characteristics that Travertine offers especially its compressive strength which is more than double psi of concrete. Travertine stone is exposed to high extreme pressure and intense heat during its evolution. Travertine also is cool to the feet as it does not absorb heat like other companion stone types. It also doesn't reflect heat either so

Travertine would source out as an ideal choice for backyard patios and pool decks. Travertine is a natural sourced stone and its color and beauty has a timeless shelf life. 

Travertine also becomes a choice of merit by Architects and upscale builders as the porous divots in the stone have a habit of collecting water droplets around the pool and additionally keeps the pool patio cool throughout the day. The porous side also seems to maintain a steadier surface feel and is considered less slippery than other stone choices. 

Travertine differs from other stones such as marble, granite and onyx as in the way it is formed over time in the earth. Travertine is formed in hot springs in limestone caves heavy in concentrate of calcium carbonate and as it hardens and carbon dioxide escapes it is compressed into beautiful variations of Travertine. 
Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous Tip 
For outdoor appticatiows of -fravertiv, it is recommewcied that slab pavers be at Least 1 7J2"- 2" thi.62. 


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